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You may already have an idea of how wonderful breastfeeding can be for your baby’s physical health. It helps with fighting disease and in reducing health risks such as asthma, ear infection, SIDS or obesity. It is even associated with your physical health as well. If you breastfeed, your chances of breast and ovarian cancer are reduced. But let’s talk about something you may not have considered: your child’s oral health.

Did you know that your baby is born with their all of their primary teeth? Well it’s true. All their teeth are present, they are just hidden underneath the gums.

Recent studies have said that babies who were fed their mother’s or caretaker’s milk within the first six months of their life were less likely to have teeth alignment issues than babies who were breastfed for less time. There are other matters to consider as well, such as pacifier use, thumb sucking or genetics; nevertheless, it helps to know that choosing to breastfeed if you can makes such a difference!

Breastfeeding can also decrease your baby’s risk of baby bottle tooth decay. This condition is named such because of the tendency for parents to help children sleep by giving sugary drinks, milk or formula, which can stay in their mouths for a long time, even after they are long asleep. Your child can still get cavities from breastfeeding; after all, breast milk has sugar. But you can help prevent this occurrence by cleaning your child’s gums with a fresh, wet washcloth or wipe every day. As soon as the little teeth peek above the gumline, you’ll want to brush them with water twice a day

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