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If you have a child, you understand how difficult it is to maintain and care for all aspects of their life. Unfortunately, this often means that various tasks can go unmonitored or unchecked, including their oral health. It is essential to care for their teeth, so their smile has a chance to thrive for a lifetime. Even if adult teeth are not yet grown in, they can be severely hindered due to damage suffered in their early years. One important treatment to always remember is to brush your child’s teeth twice every day.

When selecting a toothbrush for your child, always look for one that has soft bristles that will not cause dental abrasion. For children under 3, use toothpaste roughly the size of a rice grain. For children 3 to 6 years old, use a toothpaste dab roughly the size of a pea. Always remember to brush your child’s teeth until you believe they can effectively do the task successfully and safely on their own.

When storing your child’s toothbrush, always make sure it is stored upright in an area where it does not touch other toothbrushes. In order to avoid further contamination, never use their toothbrush, and never let your child use your toothbrush. For additional health care for your child, bring them in to visit or pediatric dentist for routine examinations and professional cleanings.


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