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Dental anxiety is the anxiety many people feel about going to see their dentist. It can be caused be a fear of experiencing pain, either because of a previous negative experience, or from hearing others share their stories of bad experiences. Some people are afraid receiving injections or that the injection won’t work properly. Some people fear the side effect of anesthesia, and many have a fear of not being in control while they are sitting through a procedure, feeling vulnerable and helpless.

With children, dental anxiety can also happen. At St. George Kids Dental we are happy to provide sedation dentistry to help your child relax during treatment. We are pleased to offer IV sedation at our practice to help your child feel comfortable during their procedure. We administer the medication intravenously which allows us to control the dosages as needed, and because it begins to work very quickly.

We understand that children can feel anxious about going to the dentist. To put them at ease we are happy to offer sedation dentistry to help them with their anxiety and to calm their fears. At St. George Kids Dental in St. George, Utah, we work hard to make sure child receives the quality care they deserve. Our goal is to have them leave our office with positive experiences so that they may look forward to future dental visits.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry to assist your child at their next visit, or to schedule a visit with one of our dedicated dentists, Dr. Trent Pryor and Dr. Jeff Higbee, please contact our team at 435-673-3490 today!