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Are you getting ready for school to start? If so, you probably have a million things on your back-to-school checklist. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to include your smile on that list. There are many things you should do to get your smile ready for school.

The first thing is to visit Dr. Trent Pryor. Getting a dental cleaning and exam before school starts is a great step toward a strong smile because we have treatments that can help you keep cavities and other dental issues at bay. If you visit your dentist, there is a reduced chance that you’ll miss school because of dental problems.

The second thing is pack tooth-healthy snacks for lunch. This means you should avoid packing treats that are sticky, sugary, and acidic, like fruit snacks, fruit leathers, caramel, taffy, and more. Instead, pack nuts, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in your lunch box. These treats can strengthen and clean your teeth.

The third thing is put oral hygiene on the top of your priority list. All you need to do is brush every morning and night and floss and rinse daily. These things can help you have a clean, pristine, as well as beautiful smile and they can give you the fresh breath you need.

If you do these things, your smile will be ready for your first day of school! To learn more about how to have a healthy back-to-school smile in St. George, Utah, please call St. George Kids Dental at 435-673-3490. We look forward to teaching you what we know!