The Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Once your son or daughter have gotten their first permanent back molars, it’s the perfect time to consider dental sealants. Here are the basics: What are dental sealants? Dental sealants are like invisible umbrellas for your child’s teeth. They are clear, protective coatings that stick to the grinding tops of their molars, keeping food crumbs,… Read more »

Are You Caring for Your Child’s Pearly Whites?

To ensure your child’s teeth remain healthy and strong, you will need to brush them every single day from the time they grow in around 6 months of age until your child can adequately brush their own teeth by themselves. Here are some basic tips to help: – A child’s diet is as important for… Read more »

You Children and Their Oral Health

You probably understand that there are several simple steps you’ll need to take if you’d like to keep your pearly whites healthy and strong. You might have also heard that you should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. You may also be aware that you should clean the areas… Read more »

The Basics of Pediatric Dentistry

Are you a first-time parent? If you are a first-time parent, then it is natural to have a thousand questions about your child’s health. That is why our caring team here at in , , is happy to guide you through this growing process for you and your child. Caring for your child’s oral health… Read more »

The Risks That Cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Are you aware of the risks that cause baby bottle tooth decay? Although it is important to ensure a child is constantly fed, exercise caution when feeding various sugary drinks to young children and infants, as they can easily lead to tooth decay and cavities. The oral health problems arise often due to the time… Read more »

The Teething Quiz

Do you know what teething is? Teething is a condition caused by teeth erupting above the gum line in children. When this happens, it can be painful and discomforting for children, especially young children. However, there are many methods that can be used to help them cope with teething. For more information about teething, take… Read more »

Parental Tips for When Your Child Develops a Cavity

Developing a cavity is a common part of childhood. Even though you as a parent try your best to make sure that your child brushes and flosses on a regular basis, cavities can still develop in your child’s baby teeth. Don’t feel bad, these things happen. Children can often miss places while brushing. It’s an… Read more »

Your Child’s Oral Health Care

As a concerned parent, we know you want to know all the steps you can take to ensure the health of your child’s smile. That’s why we at are happy to help you with this guide of things you can do to protect your child’s oral health. Bring your child in for their first visit…. Read more »

Tips for Instilling Flossing Habits for Your Child

Good oral hygiene habits contribute to overall quality of life. Instilling them in your child when they are young will go a long way toward ensuring that they last for a lifetime. Encouraging a child to brush their teeth is relatively easy. Oral hygiene manufacturers make themed children’s toothbrushes. When paired with a child-safe toothpaste… Read more »

The Differences Between a Pediatric and General Dentist

Did you know that many different dentists recommend scheduling an appointment with them when your little one is about a year old, or six months after their first tooth erupts? At these early appointments, our team probably won’t find signs of trouble, but getting your child used to the dental office is extremely important. However,… Read more »