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Do you know what teething is? Teething is a condition caused by teeth erupting above the gum line in children. When this happens, it can be painful and discomforting for children, especially young children. However, there are many methods that can be used to help them cope with teething. For more information about teething, take the following quiz:

Teething in infants and young children can be treated with which of the following methods?
a.) A gauze pad
b.) A clean finger
c.) Teething rings or other teething products
d.) All of the above

True or False: Teething is the result of tooth decay.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Teething is a natural part of teeth growing in for children.
a.) True
b.) False

Which symptoms of teething in children are considered severe enough to contact their pediatrician?
a.) Diarrhea
b.) High fevers
c.) Rashes
d.) All of the above

Answer Key: d, b, a, d

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