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Good oral hygiene habits contribute to overall quality of life. Instilling them in your child when they are young will go a long way toward ensuring that they last for a lifetime. Encouraging a child to brush their teeth is relatively easy. Oral hygiene manufacturers make themed children’s toothbrushes. When paired with a child-safe toothpaste that is approved by the American Dental Association, kids are often excited to brush.

Flossing is also critically important for maintaining good oral health. At the same time, flossing a child’s mouth can also be challenging. In the early years, you will need to floss for them. Spooling the strand of dental floss around your pinky fingers can help you reach the teeth in the back of their mouth. Encouraging them with fun stickers or coloring as a reward afterward helps make flossing as exciting as brushing.

As their manual dexterity improves, your son or daughter can start flossing their own teeth. Many children like using floss sticks until they’re ready to graduate up to using standard dental floss.

Giving them waxed dental floss helps reduce their chances of snapping the strand into their gums by forcing it into place. The waxy coating allows the floss to slide easily into place. If they are still struggling, you might want to try giving them dental tape.

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