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Unfortunately, children aren’t born with healthy hygiene habits, and first-time parents don’t receive a training manual on how to teach their babies proper oral care. The good news is that our team can offer guidelines on teaching children how to brush their teeth and care for their smiles.

Even at a young age, children should be learning about proper dental care so that they can build a foundation for lifelong dental hygiene habits that protect their oral health and prevent problems such as cavities. You are welcome to turn to our friendly dentist and team for helpful tips on tooth brushing and early dental care.

Due to limited dexterity and attention spans, young children need several years to fully grasp the proper use of a toothbrush when cleaning their teeth, and they will need you to provide guidance and assistance. A soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head is ideal for children, and it should be held against the gums and teeth at a 45-degree angle. Brushing in small and circular motions helps prevent irritation to the gums. Remind your child to clean their tongue so that they don’t have lingering bacteria and stinky breath throughout the day.

If your child has received their first tooth or celebrated their first birthday, it’s time for them to start seeing the dentist. Early dental visits enable us to provide important dental care and help your child develop habits of maintaining their smile as they grow older.

You are welcome to contact St. George Kids Dental at 435-673-3490 today to learn more about pediatric dental care in St. George, Utah, and schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Trent Pryor and Dr. Jeff Higbee.